Career Coaching

At Execruit, we’ve chosen to approach leadership coaching in a way that is guaranteed to bring success:

We form a strong partnership with individual leaders and critical stakeholders with a primary aim to identify behaviors that make them successful, as well as practices that pose threats to their effectiveness. We combine strategies such as data gathering, observation, survey assessment, and interview in order to understand the specific needs of your company. Execruit makes use of the information gathered to build a customized learning experience that broadly focuses on the current opportunities and challenges of each leader.

Our executive and leadership coaching will help you in the following areas:

  • Identification of strength and areas that need development.
  • Giving and receiving constructive, open feedback.
  • Identification of action plans that will help for future development.
  • Identification of resources that will help participants complete their learning process.

Career Coaching and Development

As an expert career coaching firm in Switzerland, our biggest goal is to help you hit the top of your career. We understand that there are a lot of ways to get your career to the level that you desire. However, it all starts with discovering your passion and channeling your career to it. Based on this background, we have been able to create what is today the biggest career coaching conglomerate of our time.

We start the process by helping you discover what you want to do in life. We ask vital questions surrounding your life’s biggest goals:

  • Do you want to become your boss?
  • Is active retirement something you will want to consider sooner or later?
  • Are you committed to your current career?
  • Would you like to try something new?

All these are questions you must answer if you want the transformation process complete because real transformation comes from what you have on the inside and not what any coach has to offer. We only take it upon ourselves to help you find the true you so that your decisions would be channeled towards helping you hit landmark success.

Regardless of what your answers might be to any of the questions above, be sure that you’ve found a partner in us, who can help you on the journey towards actualizing your dreams.

From crafting the perfect resume, which will help accelerate your job search, to helping you build your personal brand, you can rest assured that our coaches will always be available to help you in every area.

We do not just stop at helping you ace an upcoming interview. We go the extra to ensure that you get a pay structure that matches the value you will bring to a firm through effective negotiations.

Over time, we’ve been able to achieve an incredible success rate because we’ve found a formula that we can adopt to shorten the time taken to get a new job by more than 90%. Presently, the average time taking to land a job is between 6-9 months for citizens and 9-12 for noncitizens of Switzerland. 

We will help to select companies that are the best fit for you, personally, professionally, and culturally.

We will then develop an effective strategy that will help position you where you will meet the job search requirements.

Does career coaching offer a positive Return on investment (ROI)? Clear value proposition from your resume, to your LinkedIn profile, to the interview, your self confidence, faster landing on a job and higher total compensation can reward you with 4-5 times the cost of the career coaching services. These all add up to a very significant ROI.

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