Executive and Professional Search

As a leading executive search firm in Switzerland, Execruit has everything needed to help firms across the globe in their pursuit to build superior leadership teams with a particular focus in C-level and VP-level roles. We have everything it takes to expedite your hiring process, ultimately finding the perfect executive match for your firm. We have set a goal for ourselves to help complete your executive search in less time than most executive search firms would.

The employment of top talents in an organization goes a long way to determine how successful the organization would be, both in the short and long run. We understand this because we’ve been in the field of recruitment for years. Being one of the topnotch executive recruitment firms in Switzerland means that we are dedicated to helping companies across various industry sectors  with a focus on the Life Sciences, Technology and Financial Services industries, fill positions with the best fit talents.

What Stands Us Out?

Essentially, our years of experience combines with our unscathed reputation to make us the best. The extensive global network that we also boast of contributes to make us a reliable executive recruitment partner. So, when your company lacks the time or expertise to search for top talents that can seamlessly fill into vital positions, we step in to provide such skilled individuals for your company. This way, the company’s growth won’t be hindered by any circumstances surrounding the availability of talents.

  • Discover Your Needs

Through effective planning, we can discover what you need the most out of your executive. Once we know the ideal candidate, we can find them.

  • Research Your Job Market

The job market relative to you will be influenced by the industry, location, experience and skills available, and more. We will use that data to find you the right person.

  • Use Technology to Access our Network

With our cutting edge technology we will be able to find you the candidates and attract them to the positions you need filled.

  • Find the Right Person

Choosing the right people to lead your business can determine how much your company will grow. We know how serious that is and it’s why we work with you to find the exact person you need.

  • Fill Your Need

Once we find the right person and transition them to the executive role you need we can celebrate knowing that you have high preforming leader.

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