Leadership Coaching


Having worked with some of the world’s top companies and organisations, we have the expertise and experience to lead your executive team through complex challenges they face.  We are also certified “Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching” executive coaches.  Having learned from one of the leading executive coaches and consultants in the world, we are able to apply the proven principles and strategies within your organisation and executive team to see noticeable measurable results and transformation.

Our executive and team leadership training if valuable for development with a strong emphasis on the involvement of stakeholders. We help your organisations key players implement change and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness.

In the end, the only thing that counts in leadership growth is leadership effectiveness on the job as perceived by stakeholders.  Stakeholder Centered Coaching developed by Marshall Goldsmith is a highly effective, transparent, structured and time efficient process that works as follows:

  • Determine 1-2 Leadership Growth Areas Important to the Leader and the Organisation
  • Leading Change Involving Stakeholders
  • Involve Stakeholders to Capture Feedforward Suggestions
  • Stakeholder-Based Monthly Action Planning
  • Change Behavior and perception through execution on the job
  • Perception is Reality: Measure Leadership Growth based on Stakeholder’s Perception.


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