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The Execruit team brings an unparalleled expertise and passion to address your Life Sciences talent acquisition needs.

Attracting top talent to benefit your organisation and business

In the context of ever-intensifying competition for top talent, identifying and attracting individuals with outstanding skills for your executive, leadership and highly specialized roles can be challenging. With Execruit, it doesn’t have to be – it can be focused yet comprehensive, speedy yet precise and collaborative yet effective, all at the same time.

We place our focus on identifying highly skilled, top-performing, highly reputable leaders and professionals who can add value beyond the obvious, to benefit your team and business. Whilst we are based in Switzerland, our refined services extend around the globe to reach professionals with desired capabilities and skillsets.

Our experienced team of recruiters and hiring specialists works hand in hand with our clients to find the desired perfect match. Our talent pool is extensive, our network is robust, and our expertise is top-notch, ultimately ensuring high quality placements fast.

Working with Execruit is your swift and collaborative pathway to attracting and recruiting highly skilled and extensively experienced talent that matches your needs.

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While we are based in Switzerland, our refined services extend around the globe to reach individuals with desired capabilities and skillsets.

How can Execruit support me?

Our team is proud to bring to the table for each of our clients high quality service, frequent and timely communication, and tailored support. Look below to learn about our 3-step approach and ways of working.

Client partnership focused kick-off

Rigorous and efficient execution of the search

Post-placement follow-up

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