The Execruit team brings an unparalleled professional dedication to address your talent recruitment, leadership development & assessment, career development, outplacement and e-learning requirements.

The Executive Search Experience That Businesses Deserve

From our superior recruitment strategy and tactics to our competitive rates, Execruit is changing the ways in which businesses acquire talent, search for executives, develop their employees, and build leaders.  Our team brings together an unparalleled level of professional dedication to address your talent acquisition or career development requirements. With Execruit, each of your company's recruitment objectives are fast-tracked by a team of seasoned professionals who stand at the ready to meet your business challenges head-on.


For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that our clients have the resources and the personnel needed to take their operations to a whole new level. Together with our clients, we work collaboratively to find the right talent for the right position. Whether you’re looking for a mid-level employee or a seasoned executive, you can count on our expertise, our knowledge, and our dedication to fill your pipeline with qualified, viable candidates.

In fact, we even offer a one-year guarantee for any candidate that we place. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time, so that your new employee or leader can instantly deliver an impact.

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What We Do

Throughout our time in business, we’ve supported a number of international and local organizations in their efforts to acquire high-end talent and fill their open positions with trained and experienced professionals. Through our services, our clients have gone on to build successful teams, to foster effective leadership, to generate value through tailored and targeted career transitions, and so much more.

We know just how competitive today’s business world is, and we understand the challenges that our clients face. And for that very reason, we're here to find the right candidates to make a positive impact on your business and ensure that you continue to grow and move forward.

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Our clients

We pride ourselves on our network of clients and partner organisations, which include an number of listed, equity-backed privately owned businesses, in addition to non-profit organizations and research and development institutions. Our team builds lasting relationships with clients and candidates, creating an extensive network of contacts that help to generate exclusive career opportunities and top-calibre talent across a variety of roles. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look down below to hear all about what our clients have said about our work:​


How COVID-19 Will Impact the Future of Fintech

How COVID-19 Will Impact the Future of Fintech

The global pandemic has put major stress on the entire banking ecosystem. The need for mobile solutions, financial inclusion in developing markets, a strong monetary foundation, and visionary leadership is more imperative than ever. There will be major changes in both traditional banking organizations and fintech firms. How will fintech firms adjust for the post-COVID-19

Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving is when the current rate at which new Bitcoin is released into circulation gets cut in half. This process of “halving” occurs when 210,000 blocks of bitcoin are mined– roughly about every 4 years on a time scale. This has been the case since Bitcoin started in 2009 and is scheduled to continue

Human Resources

How COVID-19 will Change the Future of Employment

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted almost every aspect of our lives. In an instant everything changed – large cities have become deserted, schools have been closed, grocery stores are filled with seas of masked people and working from home is the standard. This pandemic has caused uncertainty in more than one way from health to financial

Human Resources

How to Successfully Tackle the Consequences of a Volatile Job Market

With the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak spreading all across the world, this is a worrying time for everyone. Constant fears about our own personal health matched up with fears about how we care for one another has become a daily talking point. However, just as common a talking point at the moment stems from the economy.

Woman goal. Business young female running to successful career and new goals, winning jumping difficulties vector illustration
Human Resources

Why Getting Employed is So Much Easier with Job Recruiters

Whether you are looking for a new job or you want to find new opportunities, a recruiter will always be worth your investment. Recruiters exist to help professionals develop their careers and find the best opportunities available. And when we work with a recruiter, they connect us with a vast amount of resources to make

Recruitment worker businesswoman hire personnel vacancy candidate internet app page resume job recruiting choice businessman flat design vector illustration
Human Resources

Is Your Approach to Hiring Still Sustainable?

In-house HR and recruiting departments have the most important role in an organization. They provide qualified professionals that will influence, add value, and determine the future of the company. Knowing that people are the most valuable resource to businesses, we don’t take that lightly. But as culture, demand/supply, and other factors change, so do the

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The Execruit team brings an unparalleled professional dedication to address your talent recruitment, leadership development & assessment, career development, outplacement and e-learning requirements.



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