Talent Mapping

Talent mapping

The Execruit team brings an unparalleled expertise and passion to address your Life Sciences talent acquisition and development needs.

Talent mapping to enable speed of business

Identifying the right talent for your team requires focus, precision and careful matching of functional and leadership capabilities. It takes time. Having built momentum to drive growth and hitting the pause button to start a quality search from scratch will slow your pace.

With our talent mapping approach, you can stay ahead of the curve, commencing your talent acquisition efforts from a well-established base, never having to slow down. We leverage our international deep and broad talent network to map most suitable candidates for potential openings, so you can access them right when you need them.

Whilst we specialize deeply in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals recruitment, we leverage our connections across many sectors in Life Sciences to find talent with right skills for a multitude of organizations. We take pride in our screening process that identifies talent with aspiration for career progression long-term. This means we always have a rich pipeline of today’s and tomorrow’s talent ready for you!

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While we are based in Switzerland, our refined services extend around the globe to reach individuals with desired capabilities and skillsets.

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