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Many of us don’t think about how important great leadership is to an organization. Of all the ways to add value to a business, investing in effective leadership and teams may have the most significant return on investment. Lately, this has been on my mind, as I was recently certified as an Executive and Team Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (

There are many approaches to leadership development, but the best strategies focus on measurable growth. Measurable growth is the focus of MGSCC’s program and 95% of those who have completed their coaching process measurably improved in their leadership effectiveness. This level of results has gotten a lot of attention from business leaders. Marshall Goldsmith’s program is endorsed by Fortune 100 leaders worldwide and is the world’s largest coaching network. They have over 3000 coaches in 200 cities and 50 countries and have trained more than 11,000 leaders. MGSCC guaranteed results and clear process help to make the most of a leader’s time and give them the tools they need to succeed and excel.

Completing the coaching certification and become an Executive and Team Coach helped me gain an even greater understanding of what makes a great leader and how leaders can become even more effective with guidance and coaching. I am excited about the impact this will have on my own leadership skills. I am even more excited about how I can now share the wisdom and knowledge developed by Marshall Goldsmith with other leaders.

Signe Reidla is the Managing Director and Founder of Execruit. When you need to find the right executive talent for your company or leadership development for yourself or your team, Execruit will provide you with the tools to grow your business. Click at for more information.


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