The common issue behind many job re-posts

I get a lot of questions from job seekers about the meaning of job re-posts. They often wonder what it means about the position and, if they have applied, their chances of getting a callback. These re-posts usually have more to do with the employer than potential candidates. Behind those re-posted jobs, there is often a similar problem. Many employers assign the work of recruiting to someone who already has another full-time position with the company. Recruitment is, in itself, a full-time job. That means that the employee is splitting time and energy between the two and neither position gets the right amount of attention.

This can lead to serious problems with the recruiting process, which can lead to unfilled positions and, even worse, hires that don’t work out. If over-extended managers don’t have time to do the proper assessment of candidates and hire the wrong person for the job, the loss of time, money, and even morale can be staggering.

Often employers do the work of recruitment in-house to reduce costs. They look at it as saving money by not outsourcing to a search firm. However, spending a little time and putting together a mini business case may show that the cost savings actually exist with the outsourcing of the process to a search agency. Search agencies have the expertise and technology needed to recruit and select the right talent for the job the first time.

If you find your organization re-posting jobs, take some time to think about what is behind that and what you can do to save money and hire better talent.

Signe Reidla is the Managing Director and Founder of Execruit. When you need to find the right executive or professional talent or leadership coach for executives or teams. Execruit will provide you with the tools to grow your business. Click at for more information.


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