3 leadership books to get you to the next level

Growing a business and a career all stems on what you learn from experience and what you know. We often see the imbalance of experience and knowledge daily.

For example, if someone “knows” everything from what they read, but has little experience, they still become incompetent when it’s time to get something done. Or if someone has learned everything from experience, but does not read, he can actually stunt his own growth by abstaining from thousands of years of experience found in books.

It’s all a balance, and reading the right books can help you get to where you and your business needs to be.

DEVEloping The Leader Within You 2.0 By John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell pioneered the leadership movement. In fact, if you walked into a bookstore before his time, there wouldn’t be a section for it, only Management. He shifted the idea of managing to influencing and inspiring others.

This book is a perfect starter to Maxwell. He believes in the Law of the Lid, meaning your business or career will only grow as much as you. You are the only thing stopping it. When you invest in yourself and in your leadership, expect to see big changes in your professional career.

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self To Your Biggest Challenges By Amy Cuddy

Your success has a lot to do with who you are — how confident you can be in the face of adversity. Cuddy explains how you can be your best self in all circumstances. She also goes through practical steps to overcome your insecurities. She moves you from uncertainty to fully present for what you need to be.

The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business By Charles Duhigg

By far, one of the best books available on organizational leadership, Duhigg helps us understand the human mind. Not only does he teach us about groups of people, but also why we develop habits in the first place. He breaks a habit up, teaching us that it contains a Cue, Routine, and a Reward. How do you change a bad habit? Keep it the same. Just change the actual routine. Learn more about what Duhigg has to offer for you and your business.


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