3 podcasts every consultant should listen to

If you’re a consultant, you know how important it is to continue learning every day. It’s what keeps you relevant and valuable to your clients. Your knowledge means everything when solving issues and strategizing for companies. One of the best ways to learn is through podcasts. It’s great for
commutes or anything on the go. Check out the 3 podcasts every consultant should listen to.

1. Building A Storybrand With Donald Miller

Based on his NY Times best selling book on the same name, Donald Miller interviews successful business leaders on the importance of communicating the message of your company. He has developed a winning method based on communicating your brand through an intentionally crafted story. Everyone wants someone to cheer for, everyone needs to believe in a hero. StoryBrand gives you the tools necessary to develop a company’s message (or your own) when consulting.

2. Hello Monday By Linkedin

LinkedIn changed how consultants do business. Now it’s created a podcast just for us. The show is hosted by their Senior Editor, Jessi Hempel, who investigates how the workplace is changing. When it comes to understanding trends and discovering how companies are changing how they operate, this is where to go. This show can provide you with modern solutions to the problems your client’s face.

3. The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

When it comes to organizational leadership, Craig Groeschel is one of the most effective and recognized leaders in the world. Through his personal background, he learned his wisdom firsthand when he started and grew his church to over 30 locations and 85,000 weekly attendees. When he first started, he only had a dozen people. They are now in ten different U.S. states. In the podcast, he explains the secrets he has learned to manage, lead and inspire employees, directors/executives and volunteers. As a consultant, his techniques are vital to creating big-scale changes on every level of your client’s company.

Signe Reidla is the Managing Director and Founder of Execruit. When you need to find the right executive talent or strategic consulting for your company, Execruit will provide you with the tools to grow your business. Click at https://execruits.com for more information.


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