Why you should answer all your calls

It’s understandable why we don’t like picking up our phones. It’s bombarded every day with –robocalls and telemarketers asking us to buy things or trying to scam us. But just like anything else in life, there’s always a good and bad side. Every time you let that call go unanswered, you are not only avoiding annoying gimmicks, but you’re also closing the door to opportunities.

Executive search firms use phone calls to reach thousands of people all over the world.In my own experience, I’ve had many of my colleagues get their life-changing job opportunities like this. It comes randomly when you least expect it. But what happens if you don’t pick up? You and I both know that the majority of business deals and job opportunities are influenced by how fast our response is.

You could lose out on some of the best opportunities for your life. “All these calls waste my time. How do I know I’m answering the right one?” That’s understandable. Like many annoying things, sometimes it takes one simple trick to make your life a whole lot easier. When someone calls, listen to their first sentence pitch. Usually, you can get an idea right away. After they say it, tell them you are not interested and then hang up. If you want to know more, keep listening. This only takes a few seconds. It’s worth the investment when the right call comes along.

Here are quick tips to know when you get the right call:

•    Answer right away. Quickly arrange a time to see them or call them again if you are interested and want to continue.

•    If you miss the call and get a voice message (or if it’s an email), respond within two days. The quicker, the better.

•    Research the company. Utilize their website and social media.

•    If you aren’t interested, but it’s still a good opportunity, have a list ready of people in your network that might want the job. This reinforces your network.

•    If the caller asks, do it (within reason). Whether it’s a resume, portfolio, or any relevant request, get it to them right away. This is your first chance to display your efficient work ethic, and it gives the recruiter what she needs to get you down the right path.

•    If you don’t get the job, don’t lose contact. Remember, recruiters, are always looking for the right people. Keep the relationship going… it could mean a future career growth opportunity.


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