Will my job exist in ten years? How digital transformation in the workplace changes everything

It’s incredible how fast technology can change the world. Even things that seem small can change everything we know.

Take for instance the invention of standardized paper. Once paper was made to a specific dimension (8.5×11), the workplace transformed forever. Desks were sized and made to store the exact size of the paper. Then offices were shaped to hold those new desks. Eventually, entire buildings were designed differently… all because of the size of paper. If something that small could shake the workplace, think of all the innovation that’s happening now.

Will my job exist in ten years? It’s hard to say. Anything that can be automated is at risk to be taken over by AI. Our greatest asset will be found in critical thinking, creativity, and wisdom developed by experience.

Digital transformation is happening. The best thing we can do is take full advantage of it in the workplace and adapt to those changes. Once we do that, we can then LEAD change and use AI and technology to make us even better professionals in the workplace.

The Benefits

With so much innovation improving the workplace, there is a lot to be excited about. More than ever, remote work is now becoming possible in nearly every industry. This means more jobs, irrelevant of locations, and more opportunities. It also gives employees much of the freedom they desire (decreasing turnover for companies).

Technology has also made communication much better. Internally, we have tools like Slack that make conversations, planning and file sharing a breeze. And with customers, we can use chatboxes and many tools to meet their needs.

Through companies like Survey Monkey and Formstack, we can gather information in the workplace and with clients to build better brands and environments. Gone are the days of guessing if a process or service works or not. We can now gather information we need to improve our products and services.

The list is endless with ways we can be more efficient with the growing technology in the workplace.

The Challenges

We’re quicker at identifying the bad things when it comes to technology. And we have a good reason to. Our entire lives could change because of one big idea. The greatest danger is losing our jobs to robots. They can do a lot of things we do better and faster. It makes it hard to find our rightful place as time goes on.

The Solution

The best thing we can do is see change as an opportunity. Robots might take some jobs away. But if we know the areas that make use unique and better, we won’t have a problem.

The other thing to consider is finding how your skills could evolve with robots. For example, if a car salesman is afraid a robot might take his job, he can think of the ways he’ll have the advantage. A robot or AI tool can talk about facts and features, but a good salesman can talk about what it feels like to drive a car you love; he can connect with the person, and SELL it. Eventually, that salesman can evolve and use the robot as a tool to make his success rate even better.

It’s never ok to think your job (or career) is always secure. Complacency will always be dangerous. Instead, think of ways you can grow. When you position yourself for growth, you become a leader in your industry. Digital transformation is disrupting every industry and you have the chance to take full advantage of it.

Signe Reidla is the Managing Director and Founder of Execruit. When you need to find the right executive talent or strategic consulting for your company, Execruit will provide you with the tools to grow your business. Click at https://execruits.com for more information.


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