Benefits of hiring freelancers and remote staff

Managing a business can be tough. You have finances to work through clients to please, and operations to optimize. However, business owners in this century have found that thanks to technology and automation, the workplace has transformed significantly. 

The most impressive workplace transformation, of course, has been the rise in remote and freelance work. As opposed to running a rigid office structure, companies have been able to stay lean and flexible by hiring freelancers and allowing their workers to stay at me and clock tasks in. 

Collaborative technology has made it easy for team members to stay in various parts of the country (or the world, in fact), still get the work done, and make a steady paycheck. 

To wit, here are the most significant reasons why you should follow the remote and freelance business model for your company as well:

Less stress

If we’re being honest, we all know that long commutes can be a real pain in the neck. Business owners feel terrible about this, and employees are no different as well. 

However, apart from the fact that it is just a time-suck, long commutes also provide health issues as well. increases in stress, weight gain, the feeling of loneliness, and much more are just a few ways that long commutes cause physical and psychological damage to the productivity of workers. 

Employees are more productive when they feel happy and comfortable. By letting them take care of tasks at home, you will be contributing significantly to that. 

Cancel out distractions 

It might sound a bit counterintuitive, but surveys and research have shown that more workers feel more productive than office counterparts. 

When a person works from home, they don’t get to experience any of those daily distractions that office environments can bring. No meeting requests, no unnecessary interactions with other workers, and no idle calls from people they don’t know. Instead, they are able to focus on their work without getting interrupted. 

Also, you need to remember that not everyone is productive between 9 and 5. Some people prefer to work late at night, while others have their sweet time early in the morning. So, with remote workers, you are able to provide tasks, give the workers the freedom to stay home and work, and the opportunity to do their work at the prime hours of their day. 

You actually save money 

Whether you’re a startup or you already established your presence on the Fortune 500 list, there is no doubt that remote work can allow you to save a lot of money. 

Among the most obvious of these reasons, of course, is real estate costs. Allowing workers to telecommute means that you don’t need to rent out any office space, and you only need to pay for space if there is a need for everyone to come together for a meeting or a hangout. 

Depending on your scale, telecommuting could save you as much as $10,000 a year.

In addition to that, there are some other overhead costs associated with getting office spaces. By getting remote workers, office supplies like furniture, stationery, refreshments, janitorial services, and much more can be taken of the list of expenses for your company as well.


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