We need more instinct, not data

As technology continues to move the boundaries of talent, we are beginning to see the present shortages and future needs to come. Decision and leadership-making skills are becoming even more essential.

As machine learning and other technologies begin to replace many of our tasks, our soft and critical thinking skills become even more vital to our industries. Technology is a tool but it needs the right people behind it to work properly. 

Talent will always fulfill growing needs, but as we move to AI and become a data-driven society, we are forgetting our most human element. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported how instincts rather than data should be the new focus. “As computer-generated models flood the C-Suite, it’s important to remember that they shouldn’t displace intuition… Research shows that most business leaders trust intuition over analytics… data can be manipulated, hard to interpret or impossible to apply.”

We have advanced our technologies at a rapid pace, but we must complement it by interpreting the data and making relevant decisions.

By combining technology with high-performing skills, we can produce better, more vibrant, results. 

So how do we balance data with decision making?

  • Review the data
  • Interpret the data
  • Analyze your instinct
  • Consult with your team (before telling them your instinct)
  • Make a sound decision
  • Analyze results
  • Repeat

When we follow this process our business begins to thrive. It’s important to disregard any fear of failure and continue to experiment with data and interpretations in measurable steps. Together, we can create productive executive teams.

What are some areas in your workplace that are data-driven? Which parts of the process require a human element? Are you letting raw data make the decisions or are your executives making them?

When data is used as a tool to enhance the decision-making process, we can utilize its full advantages.

Together, we can and create strong teams full of valuable insight and decision making skills.


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