How COVID-19 will change the future of employment

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted almost every aspect of our lives. In an instant everything changed – large cities have become deserted, schools have been closed, grocery stores are filled with seas of masked people and working from home is the standard. This pandemic has caused uncertainty in more than one way from health to financial concerns. Unemployment has reached record numbers with over 20 million Americans filling for unemployment within the past few weeks. As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, we will need to make adjustments when it comes to health and employment.

Given that we are experiencing so many shifts when it comes to our personal and work lives, it’s only natural to worry. While it can be easy to think the worst, it’s likely that the future will be positive when it comes to how you work with others, how your workplace and technology will change, how your company’s strategy will change and how your career opportunities will develop.

Company Support

As a result of the pandemic, it’s likely that many companies will expand the support they provide to employees not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Any wellness centres that were set up during the pandemic are likely to remain. Additionally, companies are learning to accommodate, engage and motivate employees no matter where they are located.

Work-Life Balance

After being stuck at home for so long with no assistance when it comes to childcare or cleaning, your colleagues will be much more understanding when life’s demands pop up.

Company Culture

Company culture is integral to a businesses’ success. Given the economic uncertainty, it’s likely that companies will acknowledge the importance of embracing company culture in their leaders and employees. There will be more focus behind intentionally managing and designing a culture rather than landing on a culture by default.

Technology and Sustainability

Pre-COVID 19 many companies were against allowing employees to work from home, however the pandemic has forced many companies to accept this as a viable option. Many companies have already started implementing larger technology systems that are able to support remote working and collaborating. Due to the increase in remote work and meetings, many companies will cut down their carbon footprint. It’s likely that you’ve also had to become more comfortable with technology by working through challenges that arise while working remotely. This means that many technology interfaces will become more user friendly and technology will become easier to use.

Office Life

Once employees begin to return to the workplace, it’s likely that enhanced cleaning and distancing will be enforced. There will be more places for employees to focus, collaborate and socialize.


Although unemployment is at an all-time high and it seems unrealistic to expect new career opportunities, that may not be the case. During tough time companies are forced to reevaluate critical job positions and shift the way jobs are designed. This means once the economy returns, job opportunities will likely arise as well.

While it may be tough to look past the pandemic and stay optimistic for the future, we can be sure that the struggles we’re currently facing will only benefit us. Regardless of how employment changes we can be certain that what we learn today will help us to improve in the future.


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