Hire coachable and motivated candidates who fit in

When hiring, companies often make one vital mistake while searching for perfect candidates to hire. The biggest mistake they make is, actually, the continuous search for the “perfect” candidate. An ideal employee is often a person who isn’t even interested in the company or, if they are interested, they are only willing to sign on for a large salary or a high compensation package. In addition, companies often leave positions unfilled for long amounts of time while searching for the ideal candidate. Leaving positions unfilled can be detrimental to the efficiency of the company, and it can also cost the company missing out on opportunities.

Companies should look for four key components in a candidate when hiring rather than searching for the perfect person that “checks every box”.  A person who fits the culture of the workplace, is highly motivated to grow, has a healthy mindset about work, and is coachable someone who will grow with the company and be a wonderful long-term employee. Here are the reasons why these four qualities are oftentimes more, or just as, important as finding a person who has already achieved the ideal experience for your company:

Fits the Culture

Finding someone who fits the culture of your workplace is vital for your team as well as the individual person to continue to grow. Someone who is incapable of fitting in and getting along with the already-existing coworkers can bring morale down or even cause disruption in the office. This will, eventually, result in workplace dissatisfaction and it could result in the team not working as collaboratively and efficiently as before. In addition, if the new employee doesn’t fit in they are less likely to stay in the company long-term. This will cost the company the money and time spent to hire and train this person.

Highly Motivated to Grow

A candidate who is highly motivated to grow and develop can be more valuable than someone who is already experienced. This is because a person who has room but is motivated, to grow will develop to fit your specific company’s needs. Someone who is already experienced may come with an inflexible mindset as well as prefabricated preferences set into place by their previous workplace.

A Healthy Mindset About Work

Someone who has a healthy mindset about work can be defined as someone who knows their place and value in that particular company. A person who may be inexperienced but has a healthy mindset about work is someone who will come determined and willing to learn. A candidate who has an unhealthy mindset about work may show signs by having a know-it-all attitude or they may come off as self-centered rather than company-centered.

Coachable and Teachable

Someone who is coachable and teachable is a very valuable asset to any company. These candidates may not have the most experience starting out, but they will quickly exceed due to their willingness to listen and learn. You’ll know if someone is coachable and teachable if they are willing to be vulnerable by putting their pride aside to ask questions about the company or subjects they’re unfamiliar with.


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