Reimagining leadership skills in a post-pandemic world

The pandemic has required a new level of agility across every aspect of a business. Leaders have faced unprecedented challenges in guiding their teams through upheaval. The most successful leaders have been open-minded, flexible, and willing to try new things to keep employees engaged and operations firing on all cylinders.

The new skills that leaders have gained over the past year came unexpectedly. What will leadership development look like in a post-pandemic world when companies shift back to more planned, expected leadership development expectations and protocols?

Tomorrow’s leadership expectations may include new competencies, especially learning agility. Learning on the fly and pivoting when necessary has helped leaders steer their companies to success despite unexpected challenges.

While many of yesterday’s skills are still prized in a post-pandemic world, new skills and competencies are also emerging. Having employees reflect on what they’ve learned over the past year is a good starting place to help shape future development programs and establish a set of skills that your company values in its leaders.


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