What do we mean when we talk about diversity?

Diversity initiatives in the workplace have garnered a lot of attention lately. A diverse workplace is a stronger workplace, and companies should strive to diversify their workforces as much as possible.
But what do we mean when we use the word diversity? Are we considering all forms of the term?
When the word diversity is used, typically, people think about features you can see. Gender and skin color are often at the forefront when we assess how diverse a company is. But it is much more than the characteristics we can see. To remain relevant, equitable, and successful, companies need to understand diversity holistically and strive to achieve it.
A diverse workforce also means having team members of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and physical abilities, to name a few characteristics.
Shaping your workforce to encompass a wide variety of individual differences will help your team members grow and your company achieve new levels of innovation thanks to the many diverse perspectives it champions.

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