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Five years ago, I made a significant decision on my professional path. A decision that was nowhere in sight just a couple of years earlier! After a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry in various capacities, I decided to make a significant career change. While I was enjoying my work and had held several rewarding positions in R&D and corporate development, I was keen to further explore my fascination with the very human side of talent recruitment and development.

As someone with a background in life sciences, I’ve always been intrigued by the scientific and creative nature of talent recruitment and development. Connecting human talent to the right organisations is a fascinating process in itself. Finding the right match between people and the companies they may work for requires precision and deep inquiry to create a symbiosis that benefits both the talent and their employer. This fascination with the science and precision of the talent recruitment and development inspired me to put my knowledge and expertise in these areas to work for the betterment of people and the companies they work for.

The company I founded, Execruit, was borne out of this desire to support seamlessly functioning organisations by staffing them with talent passionate about their work and the company’s mission. This work is exciting and rewarding. It requires delving deep into a company’s DNA to understand what makes them unique and what type of person will thrive on their team.

Being an effective recruiter also requires a deep desire to connect with the talent we are seeking. There must be a high level of trust, understanding, and respect between the recruiter and the candidate. The recruiter must have the candidate’s best interests in mind and lead them into a professional situation that is ideal for their interests and skillsets. At Execruit, we seek to build this culture of trust between the organisation, recruiter, and talent to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, so all parties thrive.

Through my work with the Execruit team, we employ this scientific and creative approach to matching talent to organisations and infuse our engagement with a high level of humanity through relationship building. Whether our client is an organisation looking for talent or talent looking for the right organisational fit, we strive to create a tailored plan that delivers the outcomes needed to achieve success. Sometimes that process is a speedy one, and sometimes it takes a bit more time. But no matter the timeline, as conscientious recruiters, my team and I always aim to provide constructive advice, support, and network connections that result in success.


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The Execruit team brings an unparalleled expertise and passion to address your talent recruitment, leadership assessment and development, career development, outplacement and e-learning requirements.

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