How AI can transform the recruiting process

In the past, companies have spent countless hours finding candidates for their positions by looking through resumes and conducting time-intensive searches on candidate platforms. But as AI gains popularity and becomes more sophisticated, recruiters can save time while more effectively pinpointing the most qualified candidates for their positions. By pairing AI with an applicant tracking system, companies can hire more efficiently, shortlist more accurately, and screen resumes fairly.

The benefits of using AI in the recruitment and hiring process are numerous, but here are some of the top reasons you should consider incorporating AI into your recruitment plans.

Automating High-Volume Tasks

Tasks like manually screening initial resumes submitted or potential candidates via talent portals take up a considerable amount of time for recruiters. AI can help automate these processes by looking for high-value keywords and experiences in resumes, helping recruiters fast-track their candidate shortlists.

Streamlining Candidate Communication

AI can also help by streamlining candidate communications or assisting recruiters in responding to common candidate questions. When AI programs like chatbots are integrated with applicant tracking systems, candidates can ask for updates on their applications and receive a quick response.

Standardising Job Matching Rules

Anytime human judgment comes into play, there will inevitably be bias. By using AI, recruiters can consistently apply job matching rules across an applicant or prospect pool and avoid bias. This can help with truly matching the best candidates for the job that’s best for them based solely on keywords and experiences on their resume versus relying on human judgment to make those connections, which may apply rules and policies inconsistently.

Hiring More Diverse and Equitable Workforces

Like the benefits AI presents for job matching processes, AI can also help in eliminating potential racial, ethnic, or gender biases when screening applicants. AI allows recruiters to use a fully blind applicant review protocol and looks to find the best candidates that best match the job’s criteria without allowing for human bias or conscious or unconscious discrimination to creep in.

As the world becomes more automated and people expect quicker turnaround times for updates on their applications, AI can help recruiters meet candidate expectations while freeing up their time from mundane tasks to more effectively focus on hiring the best prospects for their positions.


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