The importance of employee impact

Employers spend a great deal of time and money investigating the causes of what makes employees decide to stay or leave. In today’s hyper-competitive job market where employees have the upper hand and a wealth of employment choices, one thing is clear: savvy employers will take to heart what data and trends are telling them and implement changes to keep and attract the most qualified workforce.

One critical factor that today’s workforce craves is impact and personal connection to their job. The best talent on the market wants to feel like they are making a unique impact in their day-to-day work. They want not only to make an impact but also feel like their leadership and employer as a whole are committed to impacting the world and adhering to a set of guiding values. If they feel their employer is failing to deliver results or not adhering to corporate impact statements and mission, many team members are electing to pack up their desks and look for other opportunities.

So, what can employers do to create a culture where employees feel they are making an impact? The most important factor is listening to employees. Allow them to voice their ideas and concerns. Assure them they are being heard, and when ideas and suggestions can be implemented, consider implementing them. If they cannot be implemented, offering reasonable explanations on why they cannot be enacted can go a long way.

Helping your team set goals for themselves and then helping them achieve them can be another step you can take as a manager to help employees feel valued and that they are making an impact. Sitting down with your team and asking them to clearly articulate their goals and their motivation, their why, can help you get to know your team better and coach them to success. Defining a why can also lead to broader conversations about how a team member views themselves in relation to the larger company and the missions it serves.

While any number of factors can lead to an employee searching out new opportunities, taking steps to empower employees to maximise their impact can be one step employers can take in showing their appreciation for their employees. By listening to employees’ concerns and motivations, organisations can build a positive work environment where all team members feel valued and heard, which in turn creates a positive corporate culture.


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